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CoolerMaster S Review

Well I was not sure if I really wanted to perform a review on the Cooler Master S case. since there was alot of reviews being preformed, but then I stared to read all these different review some where good some where bad and some that just did not make any sense at all, Then I really wanted to go ahead and review one but first I must say Thanks to Cooler Master for this lovely case... Thank you But bad shipping lol Bad UPS Bad Now I know that there where some concerns to the fact that Cooler Master had changed the way The S case looks.I know when I first laid my eyes on the S case I was shocked to see that the 6 drive bays where missing and you 3x5.25 inch drive bays, and no reset button Now me I was like WTF, Saying to my self wow they took a great case and made it a little lesser from it's bigger brother Cosmos 1000..But then I glanced over at my son and he pointed out right away dad look you can install a triple rad with ease I started to laugh so hard I lost my train of thought.But back to the case which I am still waiting on dame you customs lol Now as you can see this is a very big box and heavy as well, but no thanks to UPS which for some reason had a hard time delivering my case,I never us UPS I swear, but that is another story.

Here are some pictures for you to drool at,

The Cosmos S is the bigger, better brother of the original Cosmos RC-1000 and has a whole host of new features – a swanky touch sensitive button, a tweaked cooling system and a new bezel.Importantly, Cooler Master has taken away just as much as has been added on and hasn’t

been afraid to do away with some of the more striking aspects of the original’s design.

Those big foam sheets on the inside of the side panels on the original Cosmos are now but a

distant memory and by removing them Cooler Master has freed up more space inside the case. So, there’s plenty to be excited about with the new Cosmos S and at around 25 percent more than its predecessor in money-terms this aluminium monster could prove to be quite a good buy too – all the more reason to keep reading our review.King of All Cosmos…S

There’s a lot more goes into one of these reviews than you think, y’know. There’s testing, photography, complaints about fingerprints, cleaning, more photography and unboxing. It’s a tough job and, with the Cosmos S at least, even the unboxing was challenging.
The Cosmos S turned up on our doorsteps courtesy of Cooler Master in a thoroughly standard looking cardboard box. Quickly, I gathered round the box and, whipping out my trusty penknive In a matter of seconds I had the case out or so I thought. What we actually had was a case in a polystyrene shell.
Sure, nothing wrong there – most good manufacturers use that method to protect their products from damage. Good job Cooler Master, we said, as we chiselled off the polystyrene tomb and revealed the case underneath. Except there was no case underneath – there was a massive cloth bag bearing the Cooler Master logo.
It seems weird that Cooler Master would go to such lengths to disguise and hide the Cosmos S’ features anyway because, once you’ve tunnelled through the maze of packing techniques like a rabbit with its ass on fire, the Cosmos S is actually a very nice case. Very nice.
The overall aesthetic is still akin to the first Cosmos, with two huge handles on the top and the bottom. These handles are made from metal though, so a quick word of advice; make sure you ground yourself when you touch them. After wading through all the plastic sheeting and polystyrene, On the exterior though there have still been a few enhancements and changes.
The left side panel, which was previously blank and pristine, is now a grilled window hiding a huge 200mm fan. The door of the Cosmos has been done away with as well, leaving just a plain and straightforward set of drive bays. The top of the case has changed too and the Cosmos S gives by far and away the best results which tests the rattle of the power button as an indicator of overall build quality, isn’t especially valid here as the power button is actually a touch sensitive recess in the top of the case. Hidden on the top panel is a sliding cover that moves back to reveal an extended set of ports over the Cosmos.
So here is a few pictures side my side the real Cosmos 1000, gotta love that the real Cosmos 1000 LOL

As you can see from top view the S is a bit bigger...

Cosmos S Radiators

Here is a list of radiators that will fit in the Cosmo S

HWLab BlackIce GT Stealth III
HWLabs BlackIce GT Xtreme III
HWLabs BlackIce Pro III
HWLabs BlackIce GT
Watercool HTSF 360
Aquacomputer Airplex Evo
Aquacomputer Airplex Pro
Alphacool NexXxoS Pro III
Magicool Aluminium 360
Magicool Xtreme 360 Radiator
Magicool Slim 360 Radiator

Not Compatible: But with a bit of Modding you can make it work......
Thermochill PA120.3
Swiftech MCR320 QP 360

.................................................. ...............................................
I must say wow nice design look and feel hat there is a lot of room to be used as you wished, Dual pumps dual rads you finally have choices, not like the first case where you where in a small way limited.
Coolmaster has done a great job but if you pay close attention you can see where Cooler Master Removing the side panels of the Cosmos S is, just as it was on the Cosmos, an incredibly easy task. There’s none of this fart-arsing around with screws or latches or ferrets that have been specially trained to stand next to the case and hold the sidepanels onto the chassis no matter what happens.The Cosmos and the Cosmos S have a simple lever on the back of the case that, when lifted, releases the side panels. Watch out though – they literally release the side panels, so if you aren’t standing by to catch them then you stand a chance of dropping and damaging said panel.Worse, if the 200mm fan is connected at the time then you’ll risk breaking the cable for it. So be carefull lol

It seems to be that although all the additions to the case have been made on the exterior of the Cosmos S, the inside is where the design has been reined in and the Cosmos S starts to look more like a streamlined Cosmos than an enhanced version.The noise-cancelling foam panels are the most obvious absentee on the Cosmos S. Good riddance, I say – they may have hypothetically kept things quieter, but I imagine they didn’t do a lot regarding dust problems and they certainly impeded on the amount of space in the case. The Cosmos S does still have plenty in the way of cooling through. There’s a 120mm in the back of the case, with another 120mm directly above it in the top. The HDD cage has a third 120mm on the front and there’s a 200mm fan built stylishly into one of the sidepanels. On top of that the case then has ventilation points all over.

There’s room in the top of the case for a decently-sized radiator if watercooling is your thing. In fact, this case could be the next best thing to the Cooler Master UPC 1100W soon to come in a new review thank for Cooler Master for shipping me the Power Supply.There's space for a 120mm radiator in the base and the back and a 3x120mm in the roof! This potential for watercooling is absolutely massive then and means that you could easily have a powerful water-cooler juggernaut all contained within the one shell... without the need to cut up your expensive home for your pride and joy. If water is what you're after then you probably can't do any better than the Cosmos S. Since the PSU fan will breathe through the base of the case (it’s raised a few inches off the floor) there’s an included air filter. The filter isn’t of excellent quality, but it’ll do the job and stop the fan sucking up too much carpet. Yes, there’s a rude joke in there somewhere.

All in all, the inside of the case looks fairly snazzy and it was plainly obvious that there was going to be plenty of room inside for working too – no need to worry about your oversized, over-blinged (or is that over-blanged?) graphics cards here.

That said, there is perhaps a little room for improvement. Having room to work is one thing, but a removable motherboard tray is even better and we’d have been even more confident about where we threw our elbows if we could get the tray out completely.

I want to point out that you have more room for cable managment
not like the 1000 it was hard to run cable,

The connectors that come from the top IO panel are 2 USB, 1 1394, 1 Audio (either HD or AC 97) and 1 eSATA cable. There also is a 24pin motherboard power adapter that has a split from it that goes to the touch sensor button to power the computer, this is so that it will get power directly from the power supply.

The HDD cage, which has changed away from the drawer system of the original and reverted to a more traditional design, still retains vibration dampening but also turned out to be a bit of a problem,

As you can see the HDD bay is diffrent from the Cosmos 1000

Overall though the case design is still miles above and beyond most other chassis’ and everything from the tool-less drive bays (i.e. those big blue buttons) to the removable hood on the outside of the case speaks of a high build quality and thoughtful approach to the design.Cooler Master you have out done your self..... Test will be done at a later date due to the fact I have a Evga 780I FTW board coming to me in 2 weeks and the Cooler Master UCP as well..ConclusionThe Cooler Master Cosmos S is an attractive and sleek case that looks even better than the standard Cosmos, holding its own in the higher end of the market when it comes to look. If the Antec P182 is just a bit too plain for your tastes then the Cosmos S is an acceptable compromise between that and a Cooler Master Stacker 830 Custom  Looking at the Cosmos as a whole, it’s clear to see that the re-design has mainly focused on improving the look and accessibility of the chassis rather than making the fan cooling capabilities more powerful. That’s a mixed blessing obviously, but to us the benefits of this door-less and funkier design (that looks great in champagne grey) outweighs the unimproved fan cooling. It's also worth bearing in mind that the Cosmos S seems more aimed at watercoolers too – there’s room for a self contained radiator and so forth in the top.But I like the overall aesthetic and, if you’re a watercooler, it could be seen as great value for money However, when you consider that the Cosmos S is 25 percent more than the original Cosmos you have to ask whether that extra cost is worth it. love the thought that has gone into the case’s design and some will definitely see value in the improvements made—especially on the watercooling frontThis case is made for vets and newbies alike....
Specifications With that said...

Simplistic & sleek design
Tool-free features
Carrying handles
Build quality
Low noise output fans
Large side fan

HH Cage
Filters could have been a bit better quality for collecting dust
Large Side Fan Can interfere with large CPU heatsinks
Overall 9.0
Hope you enjoyed the review Thanks Cooler Master for the Sample....

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