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XSPC Delta V3 CPU Acetal

1. Introduction
2. Delta V3 Features
3. Delta V3 Layout
4. Performance
5. Temperatures


The XSPC Delta V3 water block arrived in a simple box features a black and red theme.
On the front of the packaging there is a red and white wave pattern and the XSPC logo.

On the bottom of the box XSPC has included the prominent features of the XSPC Delta V3 and the contents of the packaging. Can you say simple and to the point.

* Designed for Quad and Dual Core

* High Performance Copper Base
* With Over 1600 Copper Pins

* Pins Precision cut to 0.4x0.4x4.2mm
* 26mm Stepped Base
* CNC Cut Acetal Top
* G1/4" Threads
* Universal Mounting Plate
* Supports Sockets A/462/ 478/ 604/603 701 754/939/940/ AM2 LGA775 / LGA1366
* Supplied with mounting hardware and thermal paste.

* I7 Mount, C2D Mount

Opening up the box we are presented with a neatly packaged product that is well protected by pieces of thick Styrofoam.

XSPC failed to include an installation manual even though it states on the box that one is included. But be aware that there is no Manual.

You would have to visit XSPC to obtain that Manual.

* XSPC Delta V3 water block
* Universal mounting plate
* Thermal paste
* Mounting screws, plastic washers and nuts

There are a few noticeable changes about the XSPC Delta V3 Acetal water block that is worthy of High performance title.
Firstly, gone is the machined brass all metal top with chrome finish, and it has been replaced with an Acetal one.

The Acetal top is machined to accommodate G1/4 barb holes. The 'X' for XSPC is still present on the top though.

Secondly, the copper base is no longer press fitted to the top, but instead four screws have been implemented to make cleaning of the water block easier. The copper base also has a really nice mirror finish to it.

Now XSPC has 2 types of I7 Brackets one of being Black and the other Chrome.
XSPC brings the ultimate low pressure drop / high performance CPU water block to the Market

XSPC Delta V3 Acetal water block pulled apart we can see the pins inside.

According to XSPC, the pin count has been increased from around a 1000 to just over 1600 pins. Looking at the underside of the Acetal top we can see that there is a solid piece of Acetal that has been left in the centre.

The G1/4 barb hole on the underside of the Acetal top is also machined slightly larger than where the bottom of the barb sits. This is probably more than likely to allow greater coverage of the cooling pins with the coolant. This is required for High over clocking,

I won’t go into pressure drop, just Temps and over clocking.

Test system.

* I7 920,
* Evga X58,
* Mushkin XP3-12800 Triple Channel Memory Kit
* Evga 8800 GTS 512 SLI,
* WD Black 640 Raid 0
* Seagate 500GB x2 Raid 0

* 1/2" tubing
* 1/2" barbs
* XSPC Delta CPU V3 I7 Bracket
* XSPC Acrylic Reservoir Laing DDC Top

* Thermochill PA 120.3 Top mounts Rad Mod. PUSH and PULL
* Corsair HX1000W
* CoolMaster HAF 932


Now I wanted to make sure that what I was seeing was correct.

"Flow charts in the making"

Now with the ultimate low pressure drop / high performance, this block packs a punch
Compared to other Extreme Brands.

The XSPC Delta V3 really surprised me here to be honest. I can't believe the difference in cooling potential of this water block when compared to the first version that XSPC release
Delta V3 is a better performer I7 920 4.3 temps would reach a between 29C on the dot 4 cores
under 50.

Higher the temperature went the better the performance increased. 2 hr of prime all 4cores jumping in-between 40 to 50C,
For a block of this caliber to perform in such a manner is unheard of not even Swiftech GTZ

Could maintain these temperatures and I must say that I had the help of XSPC pump & Res
This in fact increases the flow with less heat drawn from the pump to ThermoChill PA120.3

It would have been nice to have The New XSPC RX360 Triple Rad to throw into the mix to see if there would have been a performance increase in cooling.

I have performed a few over clocking test using Evga software with Cpuz, Core temps.

I love the performance of this block this unit was designed for maximum performance,
with very low to no pressure drop.

It was an amazing opportunity to to test this unit many thanks goes out to Paul
from XSPC for designing such amazing block,

This block is the top of the line we will have to wait and see what companies have in store
but this is a block that deserves every special attention and is worth every dollar that
you spend.


The XSPC comes a long way informs of cooling performance from such previous versions, provides universal compatibility for both AMD and Intel users.

However, the mounting plate may cause some compatibility issues with certain chipset cooling solutions.

The Acetal top of the XSPC Delta V3 makes a nice change from the chrome finish.

The screw-apart base also makes cleaning very easy. It certainly looks like XSPC have done their homework in addressing the short comings of previous versions of the Delta water block range, and it's finally.

The Good.
* Performance
* Price
* Looks - Acetal top increases the visual appeal
* Universal compatibility

* Nothing.

Would like to thank XSPC for supplying today's review samples.

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